VAT Return Filing Service

According to the Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures, an assessable individual needs to submit a VAT return in UAE with the data and information indicated for Tax reason as per the shape, determined by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Each assessable individual is required to submit the VAT Return for each Tax period inside the time recommended by the FTA and this must be as per the arrangements of the UAE VAT law. The assessable individual is likewise at risk to dispatch the duty due to the FTA inside the time allotment indicated by the UAE VAT Law.

Our Tax experts in Afttax Accountants Group can bolster you in the accompanying ranges:

  • We will visit your office on a periodical premise (week by week/month) to accumulate the data for documenting the VAT Return. Toward the finish of each VAT return period, we get ready the VAT return of sake of your organization as per the arrangements of UAE VAT law.
  • We guarantee that the VAT returns are documented inside the predetermined time in each duty period.
  • Appropriate direction for the installment of Minimal Tax Liability according to the arrangements of the UAE VAT Law.
  • Ideal Tax Planning for the organization.
  • To speak to before the specialist for the benefit of you as and when required.

Afttax Accountants Group assures best VAT Return Filing Services across UAE.